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oil_trainsexport_in_portland [Ed's Blog]

Apparenty 6 oil trains per week carrying tar sands crude have been coming through the Gorge to Portland for a few months.

In mid winter in Ontario Canada three years ago, two trains carrying tar sands crude derailed, spilled oil in the river, caught fire and exploded.

The diluents in the oil boil at 40 below. The diluent gases rush out and find a spark.

In case anyone notes anything significant about these numbers and locations other than it's gross and unacceptable that crude is being extracted and transported at all right now, this is local info from H's original post:

“Starting in October 2017, Union Pacific hauled 19 Alberta, heavy bitumen trains during three months, into the U.S. via Idaho and through Mosier, in addition to ongoing, Whatcom County entries from Canada, heading as far south as King County, on BNSF tracks. ”

Apparently, the oil is being transloaded from rail to ship in NW Portland at an oil asphalt plant.

 The fossil fuel industry is up to something in Portland.

  Wednesday, March 14, Bloomberg ran an article that over 240,000 barrels of Canadian crude oil was exported from Portland in January (1).

Yesterday, March 16, Oregon Public Broadcasting- OPB, ran art article connecting Portland's Arc Logistics Terminal, recently purchased by Zenith, as the company responsible (2).

Right now, there is a crude oil tanker, the Marlin Apetite, docked outside the Arc Logistics/Zenith terminal as well as an oil train! See pictures sent to me by folks who went down to check it out. It seems like these exports could be an ongoing, regular thing! But we need to verify if they are actually loading crude oil onto that boat!

The Marlin Apetite is an oil tanker is owned by Trafigura (3), a Dutch company that “provides resell and marketing of crude oil and natural gas” (4). The boat came to Portland from Dongying, China. You can track the boat on a marine tracking app. I like “Marine Tracker”.

For years climate activists with groups like Portland Rising Tide, Climate Action Coalition, 350pdx, Columbia Riverkeeper, Audubon Society of Portland and SO many more have cautioned that an existing oil terminal could be flipped into an oil exports terminal. Did Zenith flip Arc Logistics when they purchased the terminal? 

And if oil exports are happening out of Portland, who’s with me to stop them?

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(3) https://www.balticshipping.com/vessel/imo/9721891

(4) https://www.bloomberg.com/…/…/585233Z:NA-trafigura-beheer-bv

information on dealing with tar sands oil spills

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